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Carroll Refrigeration & Electrical service, repair and maintain commercial refrigeration equipment as well as providing an electrical service.  Whenever you have refrigeration and electrical needs call CRE.  They are available 24/7 for emergency breakdowns.  For the most part, CRE work Monday to Friday yet when emergency situations arise they are there for you. 
CRE care about their customers.  They care about their customer’s business and in particular they care about their own reputation.  Especially leaving a positive and lasting impression on customers. 
CRE provide inventive and complete solutions for all commercial refrigeration equipment. Including the following examples. Freezers, Chillers, Bakery water chillers, Butchery serve overs, clean rooms, cool rooms, freezer rooms, ice machines, fruit and veg display cabinets, meat display cabinets, serve over cabinets, under bench chillers and freezers.
Super FridgieWith Super Fridgie always at the ready you can be sure your sick fridge will be working again in no time.  Super Fridgie uses his super powers to provide innovative solutions for customers.  Do you have a long-standing issue that never seems to get resolved?  Nothing beats Super Fridgie so why not give him a call 1300 123 CRE.
Click the link here to watch a video of Super Fridgie explaining how he solves ongoing issues.  

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